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Motivation for this Blog

It’s not complicated to explain why I started this pile of loosely connected articles. Up until now, my workflow of learning new things was as follows:

  1. Find a new Idea by…
    1. …reading something interesting
    2. …encountering a unique problem
  2. Attempt to find a solution based on the stuff I already know
  3. Read as much as it requires me to realize my self-set task, create a minimal working example (MWE)
  4. [Optional] Create a more elaborate project to see how useful the idea is
  5. Acquire deeper technical knowledge by reading articles and sometimes even books based on the obstacles I hit on when trying to solve the problem

Now, there is nothing wrong with the approach described above, but one can’t help but notice that the last step isn’t really connected to anything. The whole endeavor ends with me reading a bunch of internet articles — leading to temporary enlightening. To prevent the things I read vanishing into oblivion, I want to write down a couple of thoughts on this “blog”.