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  • Why Your Samba Configuration Does Not Work

    Bending the Samba/smbd configuration to enable file sharing between Linux-Linux or Linux-Windows desktop has always been a personal pain point of mine. Unsurprisingly few other topics on Linux desktop are being discussed so frequently among Linux desktop enthusiasts. Most users end up with a patchwork of smbd configuration options, leaving them with a dysfunctional and insecure system. This post intends to provide an overview of a basic smbd configuration that is compatible with Windows 10 systems.

  • urxvt and Emacs - The Ultimate Guide

    One of the major advantages of Emacs is that in addition to working on graphical interfaces, it can be used from a terminal as well. However, some features (such as many keybindings) are not available when using Emacs in terminals, due to ancient protocol limitations. This post shows how to make the most of Emacs on a terminal (urxvt).

  • Don't Trust Java's Method Overloads

    Whatever your opinion on inheritance vs composition is, I am confident you agree that unexpected behavior not desirable and the Principle of least astonishment should not be violated. The otherwise very verbose and honest programming language Java however managed to fool me with an innocent looking method overload.

  • When to Use C++17 std::string_view?

    C++17 brings many new fancy things, many of which significantly improve the readability and expressiveness of code (if constexpr, std::optional). However, there are features like std::string_view, which can be footguns in disguise. This article gives a short overview over the possible (mis-)uses of this “new” class.

  • Quick and Beautiful Figures in LaTeX without TikZ

    TikZ figures in LaTeX documents offer precise control over graphic output, while allowing for a consistent look-and-feel. But especially for figures which require a lot of manual positioning, programmatically creating TikZ figures can be a tedious task. If you do not require publishing-quality graphics (although I have seen worse pictures there), this workflow might be suitable for you.

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